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Resilient Responses Towards Change

Productive, Life-Altering Change can happen when we Make a Decision and Stick With it!Two years ago a combination of circumstances finally led my good friend, Melanie, to sober up and leave behind 20+ years of drug addiction, domestic violence and...

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A God Who Hates

Hi Friends,If you’ve been reading my blog this year you know I’ve been writing chronologically from the chapters of my book and relating in new ways the “resiliencies” that have helped me to bounce back from life’s hardships.I’ve shared with you how...

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7 Steps to Slay Self-Pity

 Self-pity constantly rears its ugly head and we have to learn how to slay it to be a more resilient person. There are multiple steps we can take to conquer its seductive allure. In the fall of 1982, now paralyzed and rolling into a new normal, I found...

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From Magic to Malady and Meaning

Remington Woof! 2015-2019  The MagicI was fortunate to have grown up in a home where love, support, and a healthy family system produced confident kids. For the majority of my developmental years we lived in Orange, California, whose neighboring city,...

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Where is God in our Suffering?

Where is God in our Suffering? Welcome to my inaugural bi-monthly blog called Turning Setbacks into Comebacks. I hope to combine my thoughts (and those far more brilliant than I) around the topics of suffering and loss, strength and resilience. In a short...

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