You’ll notice the title change in bold for this section. I’m moving on from Resilient Responses to the Psychological Warfare Deployed Against us in 2020 and Beyond—to the current one, Building Resilient Responses In A Chaotic World. This allows me to expand my subject matter. As the warfare between good and evil battles on, I’ve discovered a concept that has brought me tremendous HOPE for Economic Justice!

Even though we are living in a time where the WEF’s nefarious 21st agenda is to take down America, crash and dismantle our monetary system, de-dollarize us and usher in a CBDC (central bank digital currency) that would enslave and surveil us, I HAVE SOME GREAT NEWS!

I may be late to the game, but did you know that our Founding Father’s hid a clause in the Constitution that allowed states to use Pirate Money as legal tender? When they met in Philadelphia in 1787, everyone understood real money as Spanish gold doubloons and silver pieces of eight. Adding current technology, their secret can be used to STOP the threats of inflation, federal overreach, and the Great Reset while preserving personal liberty and privacy!

What am I talking about? On May 2, 2023 the Texas House Affairs Committe passed bill HB4903 to establish a transactional currency based on gold and silver. Kevin Freeman, formerly employed by the Pentagon as an Economic Warfare Consultant began to share with our Defense Department in 2008 that an Economic War was underway and phase three of that war would be an all-out assault on the American dollar. His proposed solution? The same basic idea of pirate money (gold and silver) made modern and convenient (like Glint Pay) but with the official authority of a state behind it. He has been working towards this ever since, building an army of thousands of supporters, legislators, layworkers, and people of influence. Step #1 was to move the gold owned by Texas from the N.Y. depository to its home state. Accomplished. The Texas Buillion Depository (TBD) opened its doors in 2018 (it took years to move it through the legislative process). Basically, any American citizen could open an account with the TBD, conveniently transfer a portion of their money into gold and silver, and then use a debit-like card to pay for their meal in gold, rather than paper money. This system is already available today through commercial applications like Gold Debit Cards, but the gold is held in Switzerland. There are a couple of downsides to that system that Mr. Freeman has corrected and proposed in the Texas bill that keeps our money private and makes it “legal tender” so we are not paying the IRS a transaction fee.


Unfortunately, despite valiant efforts, HB4903 fell short of passage in a tumultous legislative session. BUT, it won the hearts and minds of many Texans and Americans wanting a better type of money! And they are gearing up for the next round by 1) asking Governor Abbot to declare a Special Session, 2) have the Pirate Money Concept adopted by another State, or 3) submit the bill again at the 89th Texas Legislature convening in 2025. Our help is still needed.

Here are two links for further information; and by ordering his book in the Recommended Reading Section, you can find out more ways to join the Pirate Money Revolution.

31 minute podcast with Dr. Naomi Wolf interviewing Kevin Freeman

(this link will take you to a web browser to hear the podcast)

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