15 Tyrannical Government Mandates that led to Oppression and the Murder of Millions

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Dear Friends,
Last month the take away I wanted you to get was two-fold. In 2020, during the pandemic, the world violated the International Nuremberg Code. It was purposely put in place in 1947 after Nazi Germany to never allow the medical establishment to abandon the principle of free and informed consent,. Secondly, I wanted you to get the biomedical security state, and all its machinations, that were deployed against us.

I planned on unpacking more about the biomedical security state in this newsletter but it will have to wait. Instead, a reader, Lance, shared a video (see below) with me and I took the time to loosely transcribe it for your perusal. When you read this, please consciously consider America and what has been unleashed upon her and BEWARE and ALERT for her future.

  • 1938 – Austria was almost a 100% Catholic Nation in a depressed state.
  • 30% unemployment
  • 25% inflation
  • 25% interest on loans from banks
  • People going broke
  • Riots
  • Law enforcement almost helpless
  • NO JOBS!

The media told the Austrian people that in Germany everybody was doing well. They only heard good things so the Austrian people petitioned the government for a new election and Hitler was elected by 98% of the vote.

  • All positions in the nation were now APPOINTED.

15 Tyrannical Government Mandates

  1. The Austrian’s had to carry national ID cards.
  2. They nationalized the radio stations, complete government control, and the people were given free radios. If you turned on a foreign radio station – it was the death penalty!
  3. The newspapers were all censored by the government
  4. Hitler gave them equal rights – Equality- Socialism
  • Economics: everyone entitled to Guaranteed Equal Income. They only had to raise the taxes 70% to provide it. Subsidized housing, food stamps, heating, fuel, and a certain monetary amount given for each child.
  • Social: Everybody had to be in the workforce. If you didn’t work, society labeled you a parasite. Mother’s had to go to work and free childcare centers opened up. The government liked for you to leave them in childcare for as long as you wanted. These were not grandmotherly type ladies taking care of your kids; they were young women highly skilled in child psychology. The government raised the children.

     5. Education was nationalized. The morning after the election, the crucifix was gone. The teacher said “We greet each other now, Heil Hitler.” We don’t pray anymore. No more religious education. Kids no longer have to study the Bible anymore. Sundays was now Compulsory Youth Day.

From 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. was informative instruction (political indoctrination). Do not listen to your parents; they are old fogies. Children have freedom and rights. Parents cannot tell you anymore when to come home at night. For the rest of the day on Sunday it was SPORTS. They were given all their sports equipment for free. (tennis racket, skis, everything).Boys at the age of 16 were given motorcycles. When they returned home at night they told their parents how much fun they had and it was way better than going to church. 16 year-old girls were having babies for Hitler. It was glorified!

     6. The car industry was nationalized. And since they already had the VW, it was turned into a military defense industry.
     7. The banks were nationalized. 25% interest rates
     8. The health-care system was nationalized and a lot of good doctors left the country.
     9.The Government created a monstrous bureaucratic Planning Agency and employed thousands. The bureaucrats told the farmers what to plant, how much to plant, and how much the harvest. They even counted chickens and ordered how many eggs they had to lay. The Health and Safety team came around to businesses and told them they needed to replace the roundtables with square tables. They snooped and criticized and nit picked and many businesses folded.
    10. Abortions were legal. If the couple was not 100% Arian, she was forced to have an abortion. No tainted blood.
    11. Euthenasia was instituted.
    12. A Federal Police Force was formed. Gestapo’s in civilian clothes. People disappeared.
    13. All food was rationed. (war going on)
    14. Creation of a Network of Informer’s. (turned people into informers. Couldn’t TRUST your neighbors, family, anybody)
    15. Gun Control: they said they didn’t want children playing with guns and didn’t want any more people hurt. AND in order to track the criminals they needed the serial #’s of all of the guns, so come down to the police station and register your weapons. Then they were confiscated.

“KEEP your guns. Had we kept our guns it would have been a bloody battle for our FREEDOM.” 

Sometimes, we have to rebuild the sacred on the one hand with a weapon in the other.

Shofar Blowing…….



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