Lab Grown Chicken and CRISPR Engineered Foods Coming to a Store Near You!

by | Aug 1, 2023 | RESILIENT HEALTH AND WELLNESS | 0 comments

Did you hear the news that the FDA approves lab-grown meat for the first time? According to an article in CBS News.

Lab-grown meat should not be confused with plant-based meat alternatives, according to Blaine Hitzfield of Seven Sons Farms. He goes on to say: This “meat” is created from live stem cells taken from the muscle and skin of real, live animals, which are then cultivated in a bioreactor. This process emulates conditions in an animal’s body and feeds the cells nutrients to “grow” the meat. Not only does all this sound pretty gross, but the process of creating this food is also highly energy intensive and requires a continuous supply of fetal bovine serum from unborn baby calves.

This is highly unethical and offers no real solutions for reducing the environmental impact of meat production. Thankfully there are far better solutions to raising ethical meats in a way that truly improves our environment. Regenerative Farming is the only food system that regenerates our soils while producing an abundant supply of nutrient-dense foods for consumers.

Birds get rotated to fresh pasture daily. The daily movement of these birds is so important as this pattern of rest will allow the forage and soil to regenerate. The gentle trampling of the pasture and the fertile manure left behind provides the perfect amount of disturbance and nutrients for the grass to reset and grow back with greater vigor. This is regeneration in action! Why squander resources on risky new frankenfood technologies like lab-grown chicken when we have far better solutions.


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