What the Enemy Meant for Evil – God Will Use For Good

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Event 201 – Pre-Planned Pandemic Excercise – October 18, 2019

“The John Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise in New York, NY., where public-private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic in order to diminish large-scale economic and societal consequences.”

The Plan (10 minutes).

In the very first newsletter I published this year I spoke about our transition into what is now called 5th Generation Warfare. In his book, Lies My Government Told Me, Dr. Robert Malone, M.D. puts it this way, “This was pre-planned. This whole propoganda censorship, information warfare, psychological operations strategy that we’ve all been subjected to for the last 3 years…the media clearly demonstrated that this was highly coordinated. That it could then be deployed against the entire world in a harmonized fashion. We have all been subjected over the last 3 years to military grade psychological operations that were using technology developed for offshore conflicts. These are the technologies and strategies central to the CCP. We have had this deployed against us and it was an intense collusion between the US Government, tech and corporate media.”

With each and every day, more of the so called “conspiracy theories” have become “conspiracy facts.” I read this morning there were 4 Levels of Harm Intensity in the Covid Jabs Based on Batch Numbers (I’d heard this 2 years ago). Now, its no longer far-fetched to call the Covid-19 virus a bio-weapon, but the Covid Injections? According to biotech analyst and legal advisor, Karen Kingston, she publicly presented evidence before the Collier County Commissioners, and over 200 residents, that the Covid 19 injections are bio weapons, and the commissioners voted unanimously to return 100% of the NIH funds.

BUT, FOR GOD.….don’t you love those three words in scripture? In the midst of evil, GOOD people, the GOODNESS of God, the Strong and Courageous rise up. Strong. Sacred. Armed. One exciting initiative is The Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC). It is a bold new initiative backed by Dr. Jordan Peterson, Sir Paul Marshall and the Legatum Institute. With its inaugural conference planned for Autumn 2023, ARC has a vision to become a movement of people of goodwill from around the world who are committed to creating a “better story” for all. Working together with a diverse group of thinkers and leaders, ARC will advocate for positive, hope-filled and solutions-oriented responses to life’s most fundamental social, economic, philosophical, and cultural questions.

Here is ARC’S Statement of Vision and Invitation

In other words, 2000 initial thinkers and leaders are gathering together to counter the false idol of apocalyptic ideology, most particularly in the form of environmental catastrophism (think Green New Deal) the severe and immediately pending emergency of biological destruction (think Nuclear Family) the radical revolution of all traditional forms of conduct and governance (think Marxism and Socialism) and the questioning and propriety of bringing new devouring mouths into this world (think Abortion and Depopulation). So basically, they are gathering to undertake a Hurculean Effort with a hopeful vision, local, national and international in its aim and scope, aimed at the collective, voluntary establishment of a maximally attractive route forward. The ARC will open itself up to widespread public membership, as rapidly and extensively as is practically manageable, at as low a cost as is possible and desirable, so that everyone interested can aid in voluntarily formulating this story and strategy, and to discuss how its implementation might be encouraged.

Whew! Definately, something for those of us who pray, to PRAY INTO. It reminds me of a very very special pendant that hangs on a family necklace I have made. One particular pendent represents my grandson Noah. It took me years to find this old english wax seal stamp with Noah’s Ark and the words, “No safety but in the Ark.”

With the apocalyptic doomsday messages of today and the end times hurtling towards us, perhaps the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) will keep us afloat a little longer; for the Christian, Noah’s Ark represents Christ’s salvation and True Believers have already jumped on the boat. GOD have MERCY.


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