“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

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Dear friends,

It is my hope in publishing Resilient News You Can Use to continue to link arms with physicians, independent journalists, and engaged citizens on every continent and mobilize resilient communities and the people of God to RESIST the biomedical security state. It’s tools are intrusive, authoritarian and controlling. If we are to regain our freedoms and flourish together in a more rooted human future, then we must continue to build the sacred on the one hand and hold a weapon in the other, like our comrade Nehemiah.

Strong. Sacred. Armed.

Last month I shared with you the transcript from Holocaust survivor Kitty Werthmann’s speech titled, “Is America today marching to the same drumbeat as Nazi Germany?” and the 15 Tyrannical Government Mandates that lead to severe depression and the murder of millions. You can find that article here. This month, I wanted to drive the message home by giving you a side-by-side look at Austria’s demise and where America stands today.

Kitty says, “Educate people on socialism, we are almost 80% there.”


  1. Made to Carry National ID’s.
  2. Nationalized Radio Stations
  3. Government Censored all Newspapers
  4. Economic and Social Equality – Socialism
    • Guaranteed Equal Income
    • Subsidized housing, food stamps,
    • heating and fuel
    • Raised citizen taxes to 70%
    • Everyone required to Work
    • Government Raised your Children
  5. Education was Nationalized
  6. Car Industry Nationalized
  7. Bank’s Nationalized – 25% Interest Rates
  8. Health Care Nationalized
  9. Government “Planning Agency” destroyed
    small business – draconian implementations.
  10. Abort non 100% Aryan babies.
  11. Euthenasia’s Implementation
  12. Federal Police Force (Gestapo’s)
  13. All food was rationed
  14. Creation of “Network of Informers”
  15. Gun Control – Register weapons,
    Government confiscation.

1) Attempted a Federal Vaccine Passport
2) Stay Tuned
3) Censored Social and Mainstream Media
4) Equity – Racism Reintroduced
Presidential candidate platform: Yang- Universal Basic Income
Existing Subsidized Social Programs
Highest inflation in 40 years
Current battles in schools over who owns your children
5) Warfare between public and private schools
6) Forcing consumers into Electric Vehicles
7) Recent Bank Failures – Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame, “we just nationalized the banking system.”
8) Attempted with Obamacare
9) Attempted “Federal Disinformation Governance Board” Lockdowns nearly destroyed small businesses – wealth transfer
10) Radical Baby Killer Supporters
11) Just north of us, Canadian Parliamentary Committee Recommends Euthanasia for Minors Without Parental Consent
12) (2022) IRS hired 87,000 Agents “who must be willing to use deadly force” Stockpiled 4,600 guns, 5M rounds of ammunition. (What and for Whom?)
13) Stay Tuned
14) Implemented during Covid
15) We’re all aware of the ongoing Gun Control Battle. In Switzerland, it is a law that every citizen has to have a gun. Hitler took every country in Europe except Switzerland.

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty states in his book, The New Abnormal, “…mainstream public health did not embrace the biosecurity paradigm until covid. The full significance of what transpired in March 2020 may have escaped our attention. Biomedical technologies accelerated during the pandemic and a biosecurity model of governance emerged.”

For those who are interested in hearing from Jewish holocaust survivors, 2nd and 3rd generations, with regards to their thoughts on 2020 and the covid injection, one of my readers, Gary, sent me the following link, NEVER AGAIN is Now Global (5 Part Docuseries).



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